Ski Trip Planning Tips For Any Resort And Any Budget

As the weather gets colder, many people start dreaming about the beach; but for those snow bunnies out there, we have some tips to help you plan your next ski trip! Ski resorts have something for everyone, from ski sports to shopping, and from great restaurants to spas, perfect for a couples weekend away or family trip. Continue reading to learn our favorite ski trip planning tips!

Ski trips can get costly, so consider going during off-peak times, such as the post-holiday, pre-spring-break month of January. Many resorts offer deals on lodging and lift tickets during these low season times. Another tip is to plan your trip during the week, as weekend prices are often higher. Avoid holidays since many resorts will charge extra holiday rates.

Before you pack up all your equipment, look online for deals that include lift tickets and rentals. These may be less expensive than buying your tickets and renting your equipment separately; and may end up being a good value, even if you own your own equipment. Sometimes renting equipment can save you the hassle and cost of packing and checking it on the airline. If you do decide to bring your equipment, pack as much as you can in your boot and ski bags, limited the number of additional suitcases you have to take.

When picking your accommodations, decide if you want the convenient (but sometimes more expensive) option of lodging on the slopes or if you want to save your money and stay off the mountain. If you decide to stay outside of the resort, be sure to research transportation options (is there a shuttle to take you to the resort each day or will you need to hire a taxi or rent a car?). The transportation options should figure into your budget for accommodations. If you have a large group, it may make sense to rent a van instead of having to call two taxis to travel together.

Another tip to save money during your trip is to eat in meals and pack lunches. You may want to make a grocery store trip the first day for breakfast items you can eat before you leave and things to pack for lunch. You can leave your lunch in a locker, saving money on buying lunch each day. You can then feel guilt-free when you splurge for dinner out one or two nights. Another option is to have everyone take turns making dinner. Give each person a budget and they can use it for groceries or take-out, as long as they stick to it! Be prepared to be exhausted after a fun day of skiing and snowboarding, so a quiet dinner in by the fireplace might be exactly what you want.

Bonus Tips from Hello Travel

Thinking Colorado? While Breckenridge’s newest expansion has recently been completed (additional 543 acres of skiable terrain) and may be tempting, remember it will be tempting to many and receive a lot of press – and crowds – this season! Instead, opt for a trip to Vail (pictured at right), which will have reduced lines due to its new six-passenger chairlift.

In the market for new equipment? Most of the major brands are releasing upgraded ski boots, with for comfort for hiking as well as functionality for skiing. Look for pre-season and after-Christmas deals.

Looking for a new resort to visit? Check out the 50 Best Ski Resorts 2013-2014 from The Active Times. While the western half of the country has some amazing resorts, for those looking to stay on the east coast, Stowe and Killington Resorts in Vermont made the top 30.

Still not sure where to start?

An Konsulting can help you with all aspects of your trip, from booking the lodging and flights, to arranging transportation and restaurant recommendations. If you have any questions about our ski trip planning tips, contact us today!