Wedding Gift Registry Ideas For All Kinds Of Couples

There are so many great options if you choose to have a wedding gift registry, from local stores that now participate to larger retailers that let you do everything from the comfort of your home. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult to choose. We are here to help by filtering top registry types for different kinds of couples. Here are our top wedding gift registry ideas that range from online retailers to classic brick and mortar stores that offer great options as well.

For the Classic Couple:

Top Wedding Gift Registries

These classic options are a common go to choice for a wedding gift registry. Most guests will think of these options before they even see where you are registered at!

For the Entertaining Couple:

Top Wedding Gift Registries For the Artsy Couple:

For the Active Couple:

Just for Fun:


Top Wedding Gift Registries

For a few of our top wedding gift registries must-haves, visit Modern Pineapple, a new, inspirational blog for modern entertaining, decorating, traveling the globe and more! Here are two links for learning about glassware and baking essentials for your wedding!

If you have any questions about our wedding gift registry ideas, contact us today at AM Konsulting. We are happy to help you with any wedding needs and we want to make your special wedding day the best that it can be! Weddings are all about your and your future spouse and we want to make that as special as we can for you.