Wedding Place Card Ideas

Whether your wedding is this month or next year, place cards play an important part. Not only do they tell guests where to sit, but they allow the wait staff to determine meal choices (if you give guests an option). There are a lot of fun and unique wedding place card ideas, but here are a few tips to remember, no matter what style you use:

1. Make them easy to read.

A really small font or one with a lot of script can be hard to read, causing guest to feel frustrated when looking for their names.

2. Placement matters.

Line them up or keep them somewhat spread out. You may think it’s a cute idea to put each one on a recipe card in a recipe box, but remember that each guest will have to look through it and it could delay guests moving into the reception, which could delay your whole event.

3. Make dinner choices distinct.

Indicate the guests’ dinner choices with something easy to see. As tempted as you may be to put a small letter in the corner to indicate different meal choices or even make the cards a different shade of the same color, you should make the difference more evident. The wait staff will be moving quickly, carrying hot plates, trying to see the cards from up above (not to mention guests will have things in front of them), and it makes their life a lot easier (and the dinner service go more smoothly) if they can easily see the cards and the indicators.

Now on to the fun part – look at some of these creative ideas! Hopefully they will inspire you for when you create your own wedding place cards!

The above ideas are from Minted’s Julep blog, written by Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete:

  1. Peach place card photo by Emily Scannell Photography via Style Me Pretty
  2. Poppy place card photo by Chesterton Smith Photography via Stand Tall Design
  3. Cherry basket place card via Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. Sea glass place cards photo by Keith Morrison via Style Me Pretty
  5. Votive place cards via Martha Stewart
  6. Succulent place cards via Home Again Shop
  7. Origami place cards by Nana Zoolan
  8. Pop-up place cards via Camille Styles
  9. Lemon place card photo by Alexandra Rowley via Country Living
  10. Bud vase place card via The Wedding of My Dreams

The above place card inspiration board is from Wedding Wire’s Blog.

The above place card collection is from the Spokane Bride Blog.

Bonus idea!
We love this creative use of an usual object as a place card from the Spokane Bride Blog.

What other unique place card ideas have you seen or had at your own wedding? Tell us below! If you have any questions about our wedding place card ideas, contact us today at AM Konsulting!